Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Xango Wave in Long Beach

Hello Team Freedom Seekers,

I've returned safely from Long Beach, (what do you mean you didn't know I was gone :) ) I was unable to go to sleep last night and then I hit the floor running this morning. I've been trying to figure out what to tell you about the regional convention. It's probably like trying to describe Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon after you've been there. It just can't be done. You have to see it to believe it.

First let me start by pointing out that as a mediocre travel agent I booked us into the most extravagant, most lush, most elegant, two blocks from the beach hotel available in Long Beach (it truly was a dump and we laughed about it all weekend). Note to self...always book your hotel at the venue of the event. I do have to admit that you just can't beat the memories of staying at a place like we did. WooHoo!

After Kellie Thompson 20K and I went to the beach, ate on the boardwalk, toured the cinemark, went to Cold Stone Creamery, checked in at registration and made sure to give all of the Xango employees a hard time we went to the 20K and above event. It was awesome. We had Jaime Topham and Kilee Butterfield join us for the dinner on the Queen Mary and that venue in itself is undescribable. What an incredible ship. We heard phenomenal speakers, had a delicious meal, visited with old and new friends and Xango gave us our very own mangosteen wave board as we left the ship. "Cool"

The next morning bright and early we headed to the Regional Event. We heard great wisdom from Gary Hollister, heard Joe Morton talk about not letting the spaces between reality and your dreams stop you from making your dreams your reality. Talk about inspiring. Talk about a kick in the head for me personally. It was excellant.

Throughout the day we heard heart felt stories from successful leaders and left feeling fulfilled and wishing that everyone of you were there sitting with us. Did I mention that they talked about Glimpse and that it will be launched at the Orlando Regional and that it will be available at the National Convention in Salt Lake in November???? WOW!!!! It can't get here fast enough. Ssssweeeet!!!!!

With that in mind get yourselves and your teams to these events. Start saving your money now. Events are where things happen, events are a reminder of why we are in this business, events are where you learn, where you understand just a little bit of the magnitude this company has and the wave that is headed our way. 500K Linda McCarthy says it best, "You can either watch the wave come in or you can get on your wave board and swim out and ride it".

Events are where you get rejuvinated by what brought you in at the beginning. The best advice that I can give you is if you want the fire re-lit in your business get to the events and take everyone with you.

I heard a lot and felt a lot over the weekend but what I came away with the most is that your downline is going to do what you DO not what you SAY!!!!!!! WOW! I needed to be reminded of that. It's so easy to tell everyone what to do and then sit back hoping they'll do it and that you will get paid for it but I'm here to tell you that IT DOESN'T WORK that way. I'm here to tell you that if you want your business to grow you need to share Xango with someone, anyone EVERYDAY!!! Commitment and consistency are the key elements behind building a strong stable business and anyone can do it.

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