Friday, February 1, 2008

It's a New Year!

It’s a New Year Team Freedom Seekers,

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve sent out a new tidbit so forgive me a head of time if this is long.

I’ve been out of the team loop with being sick for 9 months and then having a new baby. No more excuses for me but I have to be honest in saying that it has also been difficult getting back into the swing of things. I’m sure that some of you can relate. Maybe you have had to take time away from Xango, maybe you have chosen to take time away from Xango or maybe you have never really committed to Xango in the first place. I’m here to tell you that regardless of your circumstance I can relate to how hard it is getting back into focus. I’m also excited to tell you that it can be done, you just need a plan.

Six months after Jack was born I decided that I had used the excuse of “I just had a baby, that’s why I have weight to lose” was no longer excusable. So, I decided to get back to my exercise routine of running everyday. My goal was to be able to run my 3 ½ to 4 miles a day. It was not easy starting over. My body craved the endorphins but my lungs and muscles screamed at me. I was determined to do it no matter the costs. I broke down my run in blocks so that I could make it mentally. Every time I wanted to stop and go home I used positive affirmations to myself like “you big baby, your grandma can run farther than this” “you are such a loser, get your butt in gear.” OK, so maybe they weren’t positive but I’m very competitive and I like a challenge so these affirmations worked for me. (Weird psychology, I know)

Each day as I put on my running shoes and pushed play on my ipod it got easier and easier. I was running further and further. Although I didn’t see physical results right away I felt awesome after my run. I looked forward to my run each day. Eventually the weight started coming off and I started getting excited about getting back into shape.

I’m sharing this analogy with you because it has been the same transition for me in getting active in Xango again. I first had to make a decision that it was time. Second, I decided that I needed a plan. What were my daily business activities going to be? I didn’t start out overwhelming myself with unrealistic expectations. I also new that just because I was ready to go that didn’t mean I was going to have immediate results with everyone I spoke to.

I think there are a lot of people out there trying to figure out what they want and how to do it. My first recommendation is it doesn’t matter what you do to get started again just do something. Get to a meeting, listen to a conference call, watch a webinar, call your upline, make a new list of people you want to share Xango with. Who do you know that needs another stream of income in their life? Who is sick? Who can you help? It feels so good to help people so get rejuvenated in that goal alone. The Goal of Helping People!

I always look forward to the New Year as it comes because for me the new year symbolizes a look at the past and a new focus on how to make improvements in my life. It’s a time for evaluation and change. I think it’s easy to look at what you don’t like in your life or yourself but the challenge is taking action to change those things you want to improve.

Our Family Motto for 2008 is “Solutions Only!” We’re teaching our four awesome kids that complaints can often be valid but they don’t fix problems so why focus on what you can’t control. Focus on Solutions Only. The kids are really excited about this new concept. It’s hard to get out of the habit of complaining when there is something that you don’t like. When the kids start to complain and we say “Solutions Only” they give us the look of death but they quickly change their way of thinking. It’ll be interesting to see how this new motto affects our life this year.

How often do you hear someone complain about their job, their finances, their relationships, their future???? Solutions Only!!!! The great thing is Xango can fix the majority of the complaints out there. How awesome is it that you already have the answers.

John and I encourage you to make a plan. Use the presentation chart to keep track of how many people you are talking to a day. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish. How many people are you going to talk to a day? Use David Butler’s 10 bean approach. There are solutions for you and your business the question is, are you ready to contact your upline, make a plan, make a commitment and get your running shoes on and plug your ipod in and head for the first block? Only you can make that move.