Thursday, March 17, 2011

Push yourself a little harder!

Well, I guess since I started running again today it's time to start blogging. (That's when I do my best thinking)

 Are you ever frustrated when you get really excited about something and not everyone around you that you share it with is as excited?  I know you can relate.

One thing I've learn in my experience of working with people on a daily basis is it's natural for others to not be up on what you are so you have to decide How bad do you want it??????  How bad do you want the extra income your shooting for?  How bad do you want your dreams to come true? How bad do you want time freedom?  How bad do you want it???????  Do you want it bad enough to deal with the rejection by saying "shucks, maybe next time" (that's how my 4 year old deals with being told no)  Are you really going to stop sharing the gift of time, freedom, and finance with others just because a handful of people tell you no??????  I certainly hope not because you are worth more than that!!! You deserve better than that!!!!!!! 

Today was the first day that I've ran in awhile. I hurt my back in the fall and just never got back to the pavement.  I got up this morning and believe me when I say, I was so tempted not to go. It was cold and dreary after raining  all night, I kept waking up all night so I didn't sleep all that great and Jack had pre-school (2 hours and 20 minutes of alone time for me) so I was fighting with myself whether to go for that run or take a nap??????? hmmmmmm  

Obviously, I took the run and I'm so glad I did.  I decided to run 3 miles and of course I ended up walking a few blocks of that being in the out of shape that I am.  What I did do though was every time my body wanted to stop from the fatigue and aches I told myself "just one more block", when I hit that goal I told myself "just another half a block".  I kept pushing myself a little bit harder.  Will I regret it in the morning? Yes, probably but was it worth it????  Absolutely!

I share this with you because I know that when we each want something bad enough we will find a way to make it happen regardless of how disappointing it can be at times or how hard it can be.  I know that the reward is always worth the challenge.  I also believe that anytime we're working to improve ourselves or our situation that the adversary is going to do everything he can to stop you from making it happen so I challenge you PUSH YOURSELF A LITTLE HARDER!  Set your goals a little higher! You deserve the success and rewards that are just ahead of you!                                                                                                  

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coach yourself!

How many times have you heard that it's important to plug yourself into self improvement? Do you think self-improvement is important???  Your answer should be ABSOLUTELY!  Have you also heard that your subconscious is really making all of your decisions for you? Do you believe that?  I do without a doubt.

I strongly believe (and keep in mind this is coming from the book of Kami ;) ) that in order to help others you have to help yourself first.  We're programmed to believe whatever it is we currently believe from everything we've been exposed to in our lives.  So, with that in mind I believe that what you think about and spend your time doing is what you get out of your life. What are you reading everyday? Who are you listening to everyday? Who do you hang out with on a consistent basis? Are the things you're doing each day building you, keeping you stagnant or breaking you down????  It's important that you recognize what's happening in your life. 

If your intention is to be a leader and help others, you must first believe in yourself and in what you're trying to teach.  If you try to coach others and you don't have those two elements, no one is going to follow you.

I encourage you to feed your mind.  Read a good book everyday, and I don't mean a novel.  I'm a sucker for a good novel but it certainly isn't helping me to improve myself.  Read something positive, something that makes you think about improving yourself and the direction your going in life. Read something that empowers you.  If you aren't a reader I highly encourage you to become one.  Read a chapter a day if that's what it takes to get started.  Listen to and surround yourself by successful people that encourage you to be better. Surround yourself around positive people that believe in themselves and in you.

If you do these things I have no doubt that your life will improve in every area of your life and it'll help you to move forward in a positive direction and to become the leader and example that you want to be.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is someone throwing darts at you????

Do you ever feel like someone is following you around and throwing darts at you? LOL That's how I've felt the last few days.  What's interesting is that it all started happening after I read the book "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield.  It's soooooo good and everyone needs to read it.  It basically talks about Resistance in our lives.  It explains what resistance is and how to overcome it and that if we don't it'll prevent us from moving towards greatness.  WOW! 

So anyway, I read the book and loved the concepts taught and decided to implement those concepts into my behavior on a daily basis.  I decided if I was going to do this it would be done in all aspects of my life, my spiritual side, my relationships, our business, my emotional & physical life.  The whole cabootle.  After making this decision it was as if the world caved in on me all at once, like someone was following me around throwing darts at me. ARGH!  I can laugh about it now but not until I recognized those darts as resistance did it end and man I'm glad it's over.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, because I know I'm not the only one that has had days that all the darts hit you at once and you just want to dig a whole and put yourself in it for awhile. ;)  I'm sharing this with you because if this is you right now in any aspect of your life you need to get the book and read it to understand what is happening.  Resistance (which I define as Satan) is determined each day to discourage you and put up blocks that get you to fail. If you are falling in your world of despair right now and accomplishing nothing except surviving each day you need to recognize the resistance and make changes.

If you find yourself blaming others for your frustrations or downfalls, that's resistance.
If you just want to sleep all day rather than face your circumstances, that's resistance.
If you are mad about the economy and use that excuse for your financial situation, that's resistance.
If you believe that no one wants to be a part of your business opportunity, that's resistance.
If you are too busy to do things that really matter to move you forward, that's resistance.

I think you get the drift.  Seriously, go to Amazon and order the book.  I think I paid like $9.00 and that included shipping and handling. The message is priceless.

I went into our 15 year olds room the other day and on his wall right next to his bed so he can see it everyday was "Do Something Successful EVERYDAY!" How cool is that???? :)

John and I wish only GREAT things for each of you. It's time to put your chin up, decide what it is you REALLY want in life, make a plan and then put the plan into action everyday until it happens!
My new favorite quote is.
"Create Your Day! Either you do something to create your day, or you react to your day and let it create you."

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Tribute to Linda McCarthy

I've been avoiding doing this because words cannot describe how I'm feeling or how I feel about Linda.  I know that many of you have either met Linda, spoken to her on the phone or perhaps heard her speak at an event or on a video.  I have had the awesome privilege of knowing Linda for the past 12 years and I want to share with you what Linda met to me. 

When I first met Linda I was about 26 years old.  I was young and I know at that time I had no idea how she would affect my life.  I had no idea that she would not only be my mentor, my guidance, my best friend but mostly a mother figure for me. I've been so blessed to have had her in my life.

I think the things I loved about Linda the most was that she truly cared for people, she truly believed that anyone could succeed in life and wanted to be a part of that.  She had great wisdom and understanding of not only the industry but of people.  She believed that relationships were all that matter in order to be successful in life and she lived that.  She was the same person all the time in every situation.

I loved how we would call and talk to each other about any business or life situation and she had the answers or we would laugh together if she didn't and make something up. ;) My favorite and mostly missed phone calls will be the ones about nothing. Not about her illness, not about business, just about life.  The joys and tears of life. What an amazing example of life she was.  I know she's looking down and telling me to move on and move forward and I will but she will truly be missed, not today and not tomorrow but forever.

I love you Linda and thank you for the example and legacy you have left behind for me and thousands of people but mostly thank you for being my mentor, my friend, for being my mom. ;) 


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Obstacles in our Life

Are the obstacles you have in your life preventing you from choosing to move forward in life mentally, spiritually, or in your relationships and business? If so WHY?

Wow! It has been forever since I've blogged. As you know I get a lot of thinking done when I run so obviously I've started running again and wanted to share my experience with you. My analogy as usual is long but I do get to the point. ;)

It's March 3, 2010. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. (which is unheard of for me) with a throbbing headache, not the way I wanted to start my day. I got the 3 oldest off to school, made several business calls, and called John on the East coast to update him about our incredible meeting last night with 200K James Sanford. Feeling a bit better I decided today was the day to start running again.

It was sunny out, the temperature read about 49 degrees, I convinced the 3 year old that a run was a good idea for both of us and off we went. Although small my obstacles were this morning this is what I experienced.

First, my Ipod was almost dead ARGH, I couldn't blame anyone but myself for that. I willed it to work for my goal was a 3 1/2 mile run. As I got further from home I found myself running into a heavy head wind. Keep in mind I was pushing my 3 yr. old in the jogger as well. For some reason he keeps growing and getting heavier. (note to self: quit feeding the 3 yr. old)

I started thinking that maybe this run wasn't such a good idea. I then said to myself "Why not, you big woosy" :) I continued on my run and it seemed like every other car that passed me was a smoker, (ARGH I chose to let that irritate me) you see, I was out to enjoy clean fresh air on my run and that wasn't even happening. THEN Jack decided that this run wasn't such a great idea either, the sun was in his eyes one minute, the next minute the wind was too cold or........ you get the point.

Could I have turned around? Not really, at that point I was too far away. LOL I had a bit of self talk reminding myself why I chose to run in the first place. I want to get in better shape, I want to feel better, I want to be able to run in the 5K in Vegas, and I find my mini headaches are greatly reduced when I run. I then decided to stay focused on those 4 things.

Needless to say that once I changed my focus by not placing it on my insignificant but obnoxious obstacles my outlook changed. The sun came out, my Ipod stayed charged, the wind died down and Jack fell asleep so I ran even further than I planned. IT FELT GREAT!

This experience made me analyze life in general. What are our obstacles? Are we creating obstacles in our life on a daily basis? What are we filling our lives with that make us lose focus on what we REALLY want in life?

I believe that some obstacles in our lives we can't control like death and sickness BUT most obstacles in our life we create. I believe that whenever we are trying to improve anything in our lives the adversary wants us to fail. He wants us to find obstacles, he wants us stressed, depressed, tired, frustrated and he wants us to quit. I have no doubt that he celebrates when we do quit. He wants us to fill our lives with so much STUFF that we are too busy to improve, too busy to be successful, too busy to create the life that we really want. Perhaps, we aren't even busy but we're in such a slump that we aren't creating anything in our lives.

I challenge you to re-evaluate your life, to identify what you can take out of your life to make time for your future. I encourage you that if your struggling with obstacles to identify honestly with yourself if they are legitimate or if you are creating them. Then choose to create a different life for yourself, your future and your loved ones. Yes, there will be sacrifices but aren't you, your loved ones and your future worth it? The answer is YES! Now it's up to you to choose.

We're always here to help, support, and coach you so don't be afraid to reach out to us for guidance.

Make it a GREAT day! Choose to be Happy and Successful in Life!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello Freedom Seekers,

We've recently returned from the Regional Convention in Vegas and boy was it exactly what I needed. It's always great seeing distributors from all over the country and getting to know you just a little more than we did before.

As with every convention, be it big or small, I find that I return home with everyone asking me "How was it?" and I respond the same, "I can't describe it, you needed to have been there." Sure I can share with you the announcements that were released (which everyone has already emailed out) but the nuts and bolts of what I felt and heard I couldn't possibly explain the impact it had on me. So you know what's coming next right? Get yourselves signed up and committed to attending the National Conventional in S.L.C. It will truly effect the future of your business.

I can tell you that I left Vegas even more convinced than ever that we're with the best company, the best products, the best corporate team and unmatchable founders. I also left there knowing that no matter how great all that is, it doesn't matter UNLESS I put what I saw, learned, and heard into action. It all comes down to US! How cool is that? One thing I know for sure is that we have control over US, so we have control over our own economy, our own future. That's empowering to me.

One of the biggest announcements that got me really really excited was from the XGo Pro system. Not only have they lowered the price but you also have the MyMangosteen website included with your membership. Sweeet!!! I promise you IF you utilize the system by committing to listening to the weekly CD's, you read the booklet that comes with the Welcome letter and take the steps for positive change in yourself and your business YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!!!!!

It's funny how the best things in our life really are the easiest things to do but they are also the easiest not to do. I challenge you to make sure EVERYDAY you listen, watch or read something positive and uplifting. That alone will change your life, your business, you're relationships. Sounds to easy?????? It is easy so "DO IT"! The CD's that come each week from the XGoPro System will make it easy for you to implement this change in your life if you're not already doing it.

Go to to sign up for you're new life changing system. Tell you're whole organization to do this as well and watch the changes in their life and business as well. Commit and change will come!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many presentations did you do this week?

Hello Freedomseekers,

I'm sitting here in my car while Joshua is having baseball practice. It's cold and damp outside so what's more fun than being warm and blogging? hmmmmm

I can't wait to see many of you in Vegas next weekend. I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and I don't know about you, but I personally need a shot in the arm. It's funny how life throws curves at you and even though I believe that everything happens for a reason I still find it at times difficult to stay focused and forge forward. Vegas will be awesome and is definitely just what I need, I have no doubt you need it to.

I was thinking the other night at about 1am (isn't that when we think best, the house is quiet, no one is screaming, the phone isn't ringing.......LOL you get the point) why is it that we as humans want everything yesterday (I hope you are all like that and I just didn't make a major confession) I admit that I have the personality of wanting everything yesterday. Most things come easy for me so I expect everything to come easy. REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!

I was contemplating why this business doesn't come easy. (This business is simple but it's certainly not easy). Yet don't we tend to make it the hardest thing in our life? hmmm I hope you realize how incredible of an opportunity this is, but also realize it's not just an opportunity, it's a life changing journey. It's an experience where you get to really see who you are. You get to change things in your life that you've struggled with for so long. You learn what's really important in your life and how bad you want it. You get to build relationships that never would have existed without this opportunity. You get to offer people solutions, happiness, hope! It can't get better than that. Yet, if we get all these perks why do we expect everything to happen NOW??????? All of these things are a process and take time so it's our job to get the most out of our experiences.

Just so you don't have any false expectations, let me make it clear that everything doesn't come NOW. (bummer) I've learned that when I'm frustrated all I usually have to do is look in the mirror. That's the person that needs to change. I find that when you're focused on your paycheck that it shows in your paycheck, it's not so good. When you focus on helping others you're paycheck shows it, it's big. Activity is the key, how many people can we go out and help??? I share this with you because I'm really excited about the 100 Presentations to Premier that's being heavily promoted by our awesome sponsors 500K Mike and Linda McCarthy.

If you aren't in the loop go to and get on the broadcast email list and in the process watch the 100 Presentations to Premier webinar and get on the email list for it as well. It's sooooo simple that we all should be slapped for not implementing it sooner in our daily activities. There's no magic, the magic is simply actively doing presentations on a consistent basis. I see people that complain about their organization but if they simply looked at their own activity they would see the reality of it. If they haven't signed anyone up in months why do they think anyone in their downline will? Unfortunately, duplication works both ways, your organization does what you do and they do what you don't do. OUCH!!!!

So, why am I excited about the 100 Presentations to Premier? Because it's the answer for all of us. For those that are already marking down each presentation you're doing, GREAT JOB!!! The chart enables you to keep track of your activity. You can mark down when you presented, to whom and the outcome. It helps you stay focused and accountable. If you're sheet is empty hmmmmmmm that would explain why your business isn't moving forward. If you're sheet is full you have more activity going on then you know what to do with. SWeeeeeT!!!! Can it get more simple than that????

I encourage you to participate in the 100 Presentations to Premier. If it takes you 2 years or 3 months to do the 100 presentations who cares, just get started! Don't just try it, do it! You start with 1 presentation at a time, take baby steps but get started today. If you want to know what is considered a presentation get to and watch the webinar.

It's time to take the challenge! Get lost in helping others! Watch the magic happen, and of course enjoy the journey! See you in Vegas Baby!!!!!!