Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Events vs. Spiritual Experiences

Hello Team Freedom Seekers,

You do realize that I'm going to promote events until the day I die right? I hope none of you are freaking out about my topic today. I'm going to tread lightly and hope that I get my point across without offending anyone. Regardless of what you believe in spiritually you should be able to understand where I'm going with this.

Let me start by telling you where the inspiration for this blog came from. My oldest child Logan is 13. He's an incredible kid that probably keeps me more on track than I keep him. Sunday night he had a church meeting to attend that was specifically for the youth in our area. The subject for the night was how to grow personally in your life, how to find balance in your life and how to make the best of life each day. One of the keys to accomplishing these things is to have good friends, to surround yourself by others that have the same values as you. It was awesome! Every parent that was there was soooooo glad their child was sitting next to them. It's not like we don't already teach our children these lessons but they got to hear it from someone else. The speaker was incredible, not only did he have us all laughing one minute but he had you crying the next. It was truly a spiritual experience for everyone that attended. You couldn't help knowing that what you were hearing was true and that you needed to apply it in your life and that you were at the right place at the right time. Lot's of Logan's friends didn't attend and on the way home we talked about how good it would have been if everyone of them could have experienced what we did.

How am I going to segue into Xango your asking? Well, if you haven't already figured it out then you obviously have never been to a Xango event. Friends, you need to get yourselves to the events. Why do you think people that are trying to lose weight or to quit drinking, smoking ect.......join groups? Why do you think wealthy people join country clubs and live in gated communities? They all have the same goal in mind and that's to surround themselves with people that want and believe in what they are trying to accomplish. So I ask you, why aren't you attending every event that comes your way. As a coach, a busy mom of 4 kids...........I can't make it to every event either BUT I get to as many as I can. I sit there listening to the presenter so grateful that I took the time out to be there. I'm so grateful that what I'm hearing I know is true and that I'm at the right place at the right time and that I'm surrounded by like minded people. When I leave I think of everyone that should of been there with me.

I need the events. I need to be reminded after a bummer day what I'm striving for. I need to be around positive people because there aren't very many of us out there. I need fresh new ideas that get me excited. You need all of these things to.

The balls now in your court. You have two choices to make, and yes it's that simple. You can either get your fanny out of your world of doom and get to the next event or you can do the same things you do every day. Only one of the choices will change the outcome of your future. I love the simplicity of this.

Have I been bold enough here? I'm bold because I care. I want you to have success. I want you to know what I know about Xango and you only get that knowledge and belief from attending events, so let's team up and make this happen. We all have great things inside us waiting to leap out to make incredible things happen in our lives and in everyone we come across. Let's do it together!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Leaders are made at events

Hello Freedom Seekers,

My mind has not stopped since Long Beach. I can't sleep, my house is a mess because I'm what I'm calling "in the zone". (good excuse ey? Have you gathered I prefer doing anything else except laundry and cleaning?) "Note to self: Hire a maid!" ; )

I've always been told that the greatest network marketers are the best event promoters. I was also told that leader's evolve at events. I know you've also heard this advise if you have great leaders you learn from. You've probably heard that you should never miss an event because the next event "might be your event". I have to be perfectly honest that I would respond to this great wisdom with "yadeeyadeeya" (Did you just hear what a Premier said? Blasphemy! LOL Just being real here) Well, now I have to take back all my yadeeya's because I now understand (it takes me a little longer than other's to catch on). I'm so excited, Long Beach was my event!!! I have to tell you that I didn't even decide to go until 2 weeks before the event and then I booked it begrudingly. I had lots of reasons why I "shouldn't, can't, won't" go. The final decision was really made because I needed a break from everything, it wasn't even Xango related. I wish that I could tell you what magically happened for me there but I can't pinpoint just one thing. All I can say is it was my event. woohoo!

You obviously know where this is going. I hear those of you already "yadeeyadeeing" me. :( Whatever your excuses are for not being at the next event, they aren't good enough. If you truly want life changing experiences to take place in your life you have to leave the familiarity of where you are. (If you haven't read the "Dream Giver" order it today). You have to leave your comfort zone and you have to take risks. Orlando is coming up in May and the National in S.L.C. is in November. I wasn't planning on going to Long Beach let alone Orlando but one of the first things I did when I got home was booked everything for Orlando. We all need to be surrounded by great things, great people, great feelings, great ideas. Events have all of these components. How will you know which event is "your event" if you don't invest in yourself and go to any of them?

I'm not going to ramble on, I think you get my point. I just want you to take a serious look at where you are and honestly ask yourself if that's where you like being and if it isn't the great saying applies "if you want change in your life, you have to change" Let's ride this wave together, GET YOURSELF TO THE NEXT EVENT!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Xango Wave in Long Beach

Hello Team Freedom Seekers,

I've returned safely from Long Beach, (what do you mean you didn't know I was gone :) ) I was unable to go to sleep last night and then I hit the floor running this morning. I've been trying to figure out what to tell you about the regional convention. It's probably like trying to describe Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon after you've been there. It just can't be done. You have to see it to believe it.

First let me start by pointing out that as a mediocre travel agent I booked us into the most extravagant, most lush, most elegant, two blocks from the beach hotel available in Long Beach (it truly was a dump and we laughed about it all weekend). Note to self...always book your hotel at the venue of the event. I do have to admit that you just can't beat the memories of staying at a place like we did. WooHoo!

After Kellie Thompson 20K and I went to the beach, ate on the boardwalk, toured the cinemark, went to Cold Stone Creamery, checked in at registration and made sure to give all of the Xango employees a hard time we went to the 20K and above event. It was awesome. We had Jaime Topham and Kilee Butterfield join us for the dinner on the Queen Mary and that venue in itself is undescribable. What an incredible ship. We heard phenomenal speakers, had a delicious meal, visited with old and new friends and Xango gave us our very own mangosteen wave board as we left the ship. "Cool"

The next morning bright and early we headed to the Regional Event. We heard great wisdom from Gary Hollister, heard Joe Morton talk about not letting the spaces between reality and your dreams stop you from making your dreams your reality. Talk about inspiring. Talk about a kick in the head for me personally. It was excellant.

Throughout the day we heard heart felt stories from successful leaders and left feeling fulfilled and wishing that everyone of you were there sitting with us. Did I mention that they talked about Glimpse and that it will be launched at the Orlando Regional and that it will be available at the National Convention in Salt Lake in November???? WOW!!!! It can't get here fast enough. Ssssweeeet!!!!!

With that in mind get yourselves and your teams to these events. Start saving your money now. Events are where things happen, events are a reminder of why we are in this business, events are where you learn, where you understand just a little bit of the magnitude this company has and the wave that is headed our way. 500K Linda McCarthy says it best, "You can either watch the wave come in or you can get on your wave board and swim out and ride it".

Events are where you get rejuvinated by what brought you in at the beginning. The best advice that I can give you is if you want the fire re-lit in your business get to the events and take everyone with you.

I heard a lot and felt a lot over the weekend but what I came away with the most is that your downline is going to do what you DO not what you SAY!!!!!!! WOW! I needed to be reminded of that. It's so easy to tell everyone what to do and then sit back hoping they'll do it and that you will get paid for it but I'm here to tell you that IT DOESN'T WORK that way. I'm here to tell you that if you want your business to grow you need to share Xango with someone, anyone EVERYDAY!!! Commitment and consistency are the key elements behind building a strong stable business and anyone can do it.