Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello Freedom Seekers,

We've recently returned from the Regional Convention in Vegas and boy was it exactly what I needed. It's always great seeing distributors from all over the country and getting to know you just a little more than we did before.

As with every convention, be it big or small, I find that I return home with everyone asking me "How was it?" and I respond the same, "I can't describe it, you needed to have been there." Sure I can share with you the announcements that were released (which everyone has already emailed out) but the nuts and bolts of what I felt and heard I couldn't possibly explain the impact it had on me. So you know what's coming next right? Get yourselves signed up and committed to attending the National Conventional in S.L.C. It will truly effect the future of your business.

I can tell you that I left Vegas even more convinced than ever that we're with the best company, the best products, the best corporate team and unmatchable founders. I also left there knowing that no matter how great all that is, it doesn't matter UNLESS I put what I saw, learned, and heard into action. It all comes down to US! How cool is that? One thing I know for sure is that we have control over US, so we have control over our own economy, our own future. That's empowering to me.

One of the biggest announcements that got me really really excited was from the XGo Pro system. Not only have they lowered the price but you also have the MyMangosteen website included with your membership. Sweeet!!! I promise you IF you utilize the system by committing to listening to the weekly CD's, you read the booklet that comes with the Welcome letter and take the steps for positive change in yourself and your business YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!!!!!

It's funny how the best things in our life really are the easiest things to do but they are also the easiest not to do. I challenge you to make sure EVERYDAY you listen, watch or read something positive and uplifting. That alone will change your life, your business, you're relationships. Sounds to easy?????? It is easy so "DO IT"! The CD's that come each week from the XGoPro System will make it easy for you to implement this change in your life if you're not already doing it.

Go to www.xgopro.com to sign up for you're new life changing system. Tell you're whole organization to do this as well and watch the changes in their life and business as well. Commit and change will come!