Friday, July 11, 2008

Xango REAL Game against Houston

July 3rd we were able to attend the REAL game in Salt Lake City. There were around 800 Xango supporters at the game against the Houston Dynamo's. WOW!!!! Thanks to everyone that came and supported this event.

It was the funnest game EVER, in my opinion of course. Yellow cards were being handed out left and right. A red card was given out to a REAL player. Fans were throwing things on the field. That was a first for me. (no I didn't throw anything, I don't believe in that). I've never been to a game that people actually do that. The game ended 0 to 0, it was exciting and intense. It was great seeing so many friends and associates there.

Some of the Xango kids were able to be out on the field in the beginning for the announcement of the players, that was exciting for them. It all ended with smashing fireworks at the end which were awesome!

What a great night and thanks again for everyone's support.

We'll do it again next year!

Enjoy the pictures below.