Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hello Freedom Seekers,

We've recently returned from the Regional Convention in Vegas and boy was it exactly what I needed. It's always great seeing distributors from all over the country and getting to know you just a little more than we did before.

As with every convention, be it big or small, I find that I return home with everyone asking me "How was it?" and I respond the same, "I can't describe it, you needed to have been there." Sure I can share with you the announcements that were released (which everyone has already emailed out) but the nuts and bolts of what I felt and heard I couldn't possibly explain the impact it had on me. So you know what's coming next right? Get yourselves signed up and committed to attending the National Conventional in S.L.C. It will truly effect the future of your business.

I can tell you that I left Vegas even more convinced than ever that we're with the best company, the best products, the best corporate team and unmatchable founders. I also left there knowing that no matter how great all that is, it doesn't matter UNLESS I put what I saw, learned, and heard into action. It all comes down to US! How cool is that? One thing I know for sure is that we have control over US, so we have control over our own economy, our own future. That's empowering to me.

One of the biggest announcements that got me really really excited was from the XGo Pro system. Not only have they lowered the price but you also have the MyMangosteen website included with your membership. Sweeet!!! I promise you IF you utilize the system by committing to listening to the weekly CD's, you read the booklet that comes with the Welcome letter and take the steps for positive change in yourself and your business YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!!!!!

It's funny how the best things in our life really are the easiest things to do but they are also the easiest not to do. I challenge you to make sure EVERYDAY you listen, watch or read something positive and uplifting. That alone will change your life, your business, you're relationships. Sounds to easy?????? It is easy so "DO IT"! The CD's that come each week from the XGoPro System will make it easy for you to implement this change in your life if you're not already doing it.

Go to www.xgopro.com to sign up for you're new life changing system. Tell you're whole organization to do this as well and watch the changes in their life and business as well. Commit and change will come!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many presentations did you do this week?

Hello Freedomseekers,

I'm sitting here in my car while Joshua is having baseball practice. It's cold and damp outside so what's more fun than being warm and blogging? hmmmmm

I can't wait to see many of you in Vegas next weekend. I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and I don't know about you, but I personally need a shot in the arm. It's funny how life throws curves at you and even though I believe that everything happens for a reason I still find it at times difficult to stay focused and forge forward. Vegas will be awesome and is definitely just what I need, I have no doubt you need it to.

I was thinking the other night at about 1am (isn't that when we think best, the house is quiet, no one is screaming, the phone isn't ringing.......LOL you get the point) why is it that we as humans want everything yesterday (I hope you are all like that and I just didn't make a major confession) I admit that I have the personality of wanting everything yesterday. Most things come easy for me so I expect everything to come easy. REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!

I was contemplating why this business doesn't come easy. (This business is simple but it's certainly not easy). Yet don't we tend to make it the hardest thing in our life? hmmm I hope you realize how incredible of an opportunity this is, but also realize it's not just an opportunity, it's a life changing journey. It's an experience where you get to really see who you are. You get to change things in your life that you've struggled with for so long. You learn what's really important in your life and how bad you want it. You get to build relationships that never would have existed without this opportunity. You get to offer people solutions, happiness, hope! It can't get better than that. Yet, if we get all these perks why do we expect everything to happen NOW??????? All of these things are a process and take time so it's our job to get the most out of our experiences.

Just so you don't have any false expectations, let me make it clear that everything doesn't come NOW. (bummer) I've learned that when I'm frustrated all I usually have to do is look in the mirror. That's the person that needs to change. I find that when you're focused on your paycheck that it shows in your paycheck, it's not so good. When you focus on helping others you're paycheck shows it, it's big. Activity is the key, how many people can we go out and help??? I share this with you because I'm really excited about the 100 Presentations to Premier that's being heavily promoted by our awesome sponsors 500K Mike and Linda McCarthy.

If you aren't in the loop go to www.mccarthycentral.com and get on the broadcast email list and in the process watch the 100 Presentations to Premier webinar and get on the email list for it as well. It's sooooo simple that we all should be slapped for not implementing it sooner in our daily activities. There's no magic, the magic is simply actively doing presentations on a consistent basis. I see people that complain about their organization but if they simply looked at their own activity they would see the reality of it. If they haven't signed anyone up in months why do they think anyone in their downline will? Unfortunately, duplication works both ways, your organization does what you do and they do what you don't do. OUCH!!!!

So, why am I excited about the 100 Presentations to Premier? Because it's the answer for all of us. For those that are already marking down each presentation you're doing, GREAT JOB!!! The chart enables you to keep track of your activity. You can mark down when you presented, to whom and the outcome. It helps you stay focused and accountable. If you're sheet is empty hmmmmmmm that would explain why your business isn't moving forward. If you're sheet is full you have more activity going on then you know what to do with. SWeeeeeT!!!! Can it get more simple than that????

I encourage you to participate in the 100 Presentations to Premier. If it takes you 2 years or 3 months to do the 100 presentations who cares, just get started! Don't just try it, do it! You start with 1 presentation at a time, take baby steps but get started today. If you want to know what is considered a presentation get to wwww.mccarthycentral.com and watch the webinar.

It's time to take the challenge! Get lost in helping others! Watch the magic happen, and of course enjoy the journey! See you in Vegas Baby!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ireland Rocks!

As many of you know I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Ireland for 10 days. I have to say that it was unbelievably phenomenal to be there. Not only is it a beautiful country but I didn't meet one unfriendly person while I was there. That was amazing in itself.

I did plenty of site seeing since all the people that we met with lived all over Ireland. 5K Colette Murney and myself were so excited for our venture that we drove around with the top off of her car. We had to wear our winter coats but we had soooooo much fun. Talk about making a statement in Ireland.

Our Ireland group was also able to meet Joe Morton at the hotel meeting. Brian Gallacher and Joe Morton were in the house. What a pleasure it was sharing that opportunity with them. It amazes me the corporate support that we have with the founders.

I want to send out a big thanks to 5K Colette Murney for putting me up in her home, for sharing the history of Ireland with me on our travels and for her incredible friendship. A big thanks out to 5K Mary Gray for also putting me up in her beautiful home and to the first and only 20K in Ireland, Leo Conlon and his sweet wife Josephine for also allowing me into their home. To Eamon Vise for making sure that everything was perfect in my presence, (Thanks for lunch and dinner also). Thanks to 5K Ita Morris and her daughter Ita for putting Colette and I up in their bed and breakfast. If you're ever in Ireland or know anyone traveling there you have to stay at the Killeentierna House in Powderlough, Dunshaughlin Co. Meath The food is incredible but I have to admit the hospitatlity was my favorite part. I give it 5 stars.

It was so nice being with our incredible Xango group in Ireland. I was able to meet so many already distributors and so many new distributors. I can't wait for my next trip. Remember our deal everyone "Be sure to tell John that my trip was more productive than his. ;)" I think the thing I love the most about this business is the new friends you make along the way. That in my opinion is priceless.

I didn't get a picture of everyone but enjoy what I did get!

Ita Morris and her daughter Ita

Colette Murney

Leo and Josephine Conlon

It was beautiful being both by the mountains and the sea.

They had the coolest looking cemeteries.

Although it was hazy most of the time I was there, it is green and beautiful.
Pictures don't do it justice.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How important is the 3-way call to your business?

As you know I'm right in the middle of basketball season. I'm excited to announce we are 6-2. Woooohoooo!

The other day at practice I was teaching a new offense. The boys were catching on quickly so we moved on to scrimmage in order to implement the new offense. We run about 10 different offensive plays so I encourage them to mix it up rather than doing the same thing over and over and over. There's nothing more exciting for a coach than to watch what you just taught being executed and work. There's also nothing more frustrating than watching it not being executed and seeing the points missed because of that. Yes, I'm getting to my point.

I was thinking how this applies to using the 3-way call in our business. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not 100% consistent in using the 3-way call. It's just easier not to do right? (Way bad excuse, don't ever say that out loud) Anyway, when my team actually run's the offense they score I'm guessing 90% of the time. When they don't run the offense they end up playing street ball and they maybe score 5% of the time. So I ask you, WHY DON'T THEY RUN THE OFFENSE EVERYTIME????? argh!

I figure that maybe they don't run it consistently because they haven't made it a habit. hmmmm (I know I haven't made 3-way calling a habit). Maybe it's because it takes more work to run the offense because you have to have all 5 players participating in order to accomplish it? hmmmm Have you ever heard someone tell you they don't like 3-way calls because it's a pain to get upline on the phone? Well, it is a pain, but is that a good enough of a reason not to do it? I would say NOT! John sat down with someone the other day and tried 3-waying them to upline, he had to call 3 different people in the upline before getting someone on the phone. SO WHAT, it took a little extra effort but it was worth it. The call was awesome.

Have you ever heard someone say that they feel like they are wasting uplines time when they can't get ahold of anyone? I can guarantee you that as your upline you haven't ruined my day by calling me and we haven't been able to reach someone. I'm just thrilled that you called to do a 3-way.

I'm here to tell you just like I drill in my team's head that networking is a team sport. We have to work together and run the offense if we want to score. You can't make all the points by yourself. I hope you get my point. (no pun intended LOL)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Are you working as a Team?!!!

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. I hope that you had a great time enjoying the holidays with family and friends. I don't know about you but I'm always excited about getting back to work yet have a bit of a hard time getting a jump on it. So, here it is January 14th and I'm way over due to get rolling, so I figured I would start off with updating my blog.

I'm in the middle of coaching my son, (Logan's competition basketball team) #25 (how funny is this picture, Logan is around 5'6" and he looks like a giant compared to this kid). Anyway, my analogy is coming from my coaching experience this year and you know how I love analogies (yeeha) so I thought I would share a few things that I've learned recently.

At the beginning of the season I was able to protect 6 boys that I wanted on my team. Protecting them guaranteed they were on my team without drafting them. Anyway, I snatched the 6 up that I wanted pretty quick, 4 of them came from my team the previous season. I knew the skills that I wanted in a player and most importantly if they were teachable and had a good attitude. I didn't call every Tom, Dick and Harry to see if they wanted to play. I was very specific in the qualities I required in a player to work with. Then, I went to drafts to pick up 4 more players. I watched for the qualities in those players that came to try out and obviously chose the boys that I felt had those qualities or abilities needed to learn.

I was thinking the other day how the process I use in drafting my team really isn't any different than looking for people to join your business. You already know what qualities you're looking for so you actually spend your time looking for people with those qualities. If someone you come across doesn't have those qualities you simply ask them to "love their neighbor" and you don't draft them (move on). How nice is it to have the choice of who you want to work with? hmmm

So we started practicing and I quickly learned what I had to work with. I already knew the skills of the 4 from my team last year so that was no surprise except they had grown, matured and improved drastically (amazing what a year can do). I learned that each player had individual things they needed to do in order to improve on their strengths and their weaknesses.

It's interesting that some players naturally play better, they have the abilities and probably more experience than others and its obvious. I can show a play to my first string and they can implement it right away. My second string on the other hand, it takes many times to go over the plays and they still struggle with executing it. It isn't any different than networking. Some people are natural or have a belief in themselves that allows them to get through the obstacles faster. It's ok and actually it's rare to have people in your business like that. Most people are like my second string in that they need continual guidance, practice and training until they are ready to apply things without your coaching.

Let me also point out that I have an awesome assistant coach and he's so good at picking out things that I miss. He also has a different approach in coaching than I do and it's refreshing to see a player be more receptive to the different tactics we each have. I'm so grateful that I don't have to coach my team alone. In my opinion, I would be doing the players a disservice by even trying. There's nothing worse than thinking you know it all and try to do everything alone, it helps no one. Even as a coach it can't be done. You can't see everything you need to see.

I love the dynamics of people, we're all so different which can be good and bad. It's good if you are patient with those differences and bad if you aren't. I find that as I work with each player individually where they need work and point out their strengths they have a new sense of excitement about playing, not only that they try harder to do better. I found that I could work on some things as a group but it was more important to help individuals where they needed it so that the team could move forward as a whole.

So far we're having an awesome season. Word on the street is "we're the team to beat" I'm ok with that hanging over our heads. It makes us step up, be sharp, and play hard.

I hope you understand the power of working with your team and the power of not doing this business alone. Always remember that everyone has unique differences, strengths and weaknesses and with team effort they can be overcome and benefit everyone involved in the process. If you don't have a coach helping you with your business, find one!

Make it a Great day!