Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glimpse to the Future!

Hello Team Freedom Seekers,

Is everyone as crazy busy as I am right now with this Glimpse launch? I've been meaning to update my blog for awhile now but since the announcement of Glimpse I've been swamped and obviously haven't been able to get to it. Being Glimpse busy is a good thing!

I had the awesome opportunity of being in Buffalo, NY for Priscilla Harrison's 7 steps to 7 figures training as well as the Women's conference. What an awesome event put on by Theresa Horab and Donna Andrews. What a treat that was for me and all that attended. It was also incredible to see 2 cars full of people in our organization drive 8 hours one way to attend this event. Talk about dedication and commitment to their business. I love attending events because you always come away with something to learn and grow from not to mention the friendships you build. Events are priceless.

With that in mind, we're only a few weeks from our National Convention in Salt Lake City and if you don't have your tickets please believe me when I say YOU NEED TO BE THERE. I see people make things happen in their life everyday. If there was a crisis and you needed to come up with the money YOU WOULD. I'm asking you to make this convention your crisis and get to this convention. It will change you, your business, and your future.

If you know me very well you know that I believe that everything happens in our life for a reason. Whether it's a good thing or a challenge there's a purpose behind it that we're suppose to grow and learn from if we're willing to be open to it. I truly believe that we are strengthened by our challenges and our character is built, we get to discover who we truly are. You're thinking "where in the heck is she going with this?" I'm getting there. ;) I've been receiving a handful of phone calls from great people that are frustrated with their business and struggling. I'm here to tell you like I have each of these people that I've had a heart to heart with that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Yes, the economy is a scary thing right now but isn't there always a shining star somewhere amongst the fear? You couldn't be in a better business than network marketing right now when the economy is in the dumps. This is our chance to share with people this great industry. This is our chance to give people hope that they can be proactive and do something for their future. This is our chance to pull up our sleeves and go to work harder than we ever have before to change the outcome of our lives over the next 18 months. I also believe that TIMING is everything in this business and I look at what Xango is getting ready to unleash at just the time we all need it for our business. How cool is that?

I'm so excited to be a part of a movement that's getting ready to take place. If you haven't read "Not Just a Pretty Face" read it. I learned so much and am now able to be more proactive with my own family in what is safe. This also gives me the opportunity to tell others that I care about that they need to pay attention to what's going on to keep their families safe. This business just gets better and better.

This is our opportunity to contact everyone that we've ever shared Xango with to share Glimpse with them. I'm here to tell you that we've been doing this and people are getting involved now that told us no years ago. Sweeeeet! Don't leave anyone out!

I can't wait to see you all at convention. What a ride it will be that weekend. Don't plan on sleeping, I'm sure you're mind won't allow it! Let us know how we can help you. Who can we talk to with you?

Keep up the great work, enjoy the journey and know that your efforts will pay off for years to come!

Kami Herring