Monday, May 12, 2008

What are you focused on???

Hello Freedom Seekers,

Today's topic is WHAT ARE YOU FOCUSED ON? Of course I got my analogy from running. Go figure!

About a week ago I challenged myself to run further than I had been. I clocked what I was running and it was only 2 1/2 miles, (are you kidding me???) so I decided that I needed to kick it into high gear. I found a new block to ad to my jaunt and the total is now 4 1/2 miles (something I can live with). The first day, things were going awesome, I was so pumped. I had the ipod headed for my new destination. Once I hit the farms and fields, MMMmm... the sweet smell of horses, cow manure and skunk (reminds me of home) I was feeling peachy until I looked down the road at the first stretch of my block. It was a torturous view. Keep in mind my block is huge and the long legs of it are about 1 3/4 mile long and the road is straight and you can see all the way to the end. UGH! (it's much easier when you can't see the end) It was so hard looking at the end and feeling like it was taking forever to get there. BUT I was determined and focused.

As I ran I found myself looking down a lot, it was easier to look down and not at my destination (and if you know me it's best I watch my feet so I don't crash and fall ha :) ). I thought that by looking down and then looking up the end would be closer. It didn't really help. Well, today I decided that I needed a different mind set if I was indeed going to make this a ritual. I again started out with my ipod headed for the "country" and there the 1st stretch was, still a long long long ways away. I got to thinking that I knew where I was going and the destination wasn't going to change sooooo I just as well enjoy the journey. Rather than looking down I looked up, I looked around. It was a gorgeous day, over cast and it had rained the night before so everything smelled soooooo good, everything was blossoming, the hay fields were a vibrant green color, the mountains had snow on the peaks and the green grass was showing half way down, it was incredibly beautiful. WOW! I thought, "I've been missing out by dreading the journey and looking down". That will NEVER happen again.

The lesson to be learned is WHAT you might ask??? I'm getting there. This last weekend we had an awesome corporate city meeting and distributor training in S.L.C. We had phenomenal afternoon speakers like Kina'u Tollefsen, Jenny Thompson, John Herring, Gordon Morton Sr. and David Butler. (Talk about a knock out of the park cast). Many incredible things were said but one stuck out and that was David Butler talking about the importance of FOCUS! Well, as I was having my ah-ha moment running it made me think that our business's are similar to my run. We all know what we want from it but the end goal seems so far away because there are always obstacles. I believe that God gives us obstacles to teach us lessons, to help us become better and to develop our character. I used to pray for things to go away and learned THAT was never going to happen. How was I possibly going to learn and grow if challenges didn't exsist? Now I pray that I can be better in order to overcome obstacles. (It's a hard mindset to adjust to). Being focused on what we want is sooooo important and I also believe that we HAVE to enjoy the journey as well. What good is the end if we are miserable the whole way?

You've all heard that what you focus on in your life expands and I'm 100% a believer in that concept. If you know why your in Xango and what you want out of it then it's simple right? You just need to focus on it everyday right? That's part of it. The focus has to be there but you also need to make sure that you don't get like I did in seeing the end soooooo far away that I lost my focus by looking down. You have to set goals and know what you want in the end but you also need to look around you, learn from your experiences, learn from others, attend events, and hang out with successful people. Get focused in your business. If you haven't noticed not much changes in your life unless you change what you are doing and focusing on. Think about it, what is different in your life now than it was a year ago???? I hope a lot for the better but you will find that if you ask the majority they will say nothing has changed. How sad, especially when we have the ability to change everything if we get focused and just do it. Get focused people and lets enjoy the journey!