Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get Plugged In!

Hello Freedomseekers,

John and I had the awesome pleasure of hanging out in Orlando over the weekend at the Xango regional convention. We left the day after school was out, hope our kids didn't get the wrong impression. :) We had sooooo much fun. It was nice to finally spend time away together first of all and it was great seeing so many of you that we only get to see at these events. It was incredible meeting many of you in person for the first time, that's always a treat.

In my 11 years of networking I've learned that relationships are the blood of this business. Without relationships I believe (kami's opinion only) that you can't have a stable business. We have so many incredible friends across the states and over seas. We had 3 incredible people travel all the way from Ireland to be there (at a regional even) and without a doubt they all agree it was worth the long journey. We had a couple come clear from Portugal, WOW! That takes a lot of the excuses away for the rest of us doesn't it? The first thing out of dear Colette Murney's mouth from Ireland was "I'll be back in November." AWESOME! (you rock Colette) Thanks to them for their time, dedication and example that they set.

Again, trying to explain to you what we experienced is like trying to explain the Grand Canyon, it can't be done. What I can share with you is the importance of getting connected, plugging yourself into your team, upline and downline and making it a habit to get your prospects and new distributors on the phone with someone. I believe strongly that whether you do this or not do this will determine the outcome of you having or not having success. Yes, it's that important! I can't tell you how many phone calls we get with the person on the other end basically asking what the "MAGIC" is in building this business. I wish there was a magic pill but what I do know is a big part of the "MAGIC" is getting everyone connected.

Times are rough right now and everyone around you is looking for stability, they are looking for something positive, they are looking for solutions for their families. It couldn't be a more perfect time to introduce them to Xango. Xango gives people a reason to get excited about the future, it gives people hope in their life that they aren't getting from anywhere else. People are scared of where the economy is headed and they need Xango now. As I watch the price of gas sore (makes me want to pull my hair out) I was thinking how blessed many of us are to be able to work from home full-time so that we don't have to fill our tanks up everyday at almost $4.00/gallon. (UGH, that makes me shiver). We have answers for people, solutions for people, for ourselves and we need to get fired up about that and share it with everyone.

I hope your excited about 3Sixty5. It's awesome. If you're already supplementing its an easy switch. John and I have supplemented for years and we were using a great product. It was available about 14 years ago and I think how much technology has changed since then and am really excited to be using 3Sixty5 with its new technology. If you have never supplemented before get started because believe me you are not getting the nutrition you need from your kitchen table. 3Sixty5 is an incredible way to get everything you need. Even Dr. Templeman said from stage that you get everything you need from 3Sixty5. WoooHoooo!!!!

Mark your calendar's for November. Get your tickets NOW for the national convention. We were able to sample the Glimpse skin care and I'm telling you that November just can't get here fast enough. Get yourself and all of your organization to Salt Lake City. Committ now. If you can't afford your ticket all at once put money away each month in an envelope under your pillow. Do what you have to do to make it happen.