Friday, March 12, 2010

My Tribute to Linda McCarthy

I've been avoiding doing this because words cannot describe how I'm feeling or how I feel about Linda.  I know that many of you have either met Linda, spoken to her on the phone or perhaps heard her speak at an event or on a video.  I have had the awesome privilege of knowing Linda for the past 12 years and I want to share with you what Linda met to me. 

When I first met Linda I was about 26 years old.  I was young and I know at that time I had no idea how she would affect my life.  I had no idea that she would not only be my mentor, my guidance, my best friend but mostly a mother figure for me. I've been so blessed to have had her in my life.

I think the things I loved about Linda the most was that she truly cared for people, she truly believed that anyone could succeed in life and wanted to be a part of that.  She had great wisdom and understanding of not only the industry but of people.  She believed that relationships were all that matter in order to be successful in life and she lived that.  She was the same person all the time in every situation.

I loved how we would call and talk to each other about any business or life situation and she had the answers or we would laugh together if she didn't and make something up. ;) My favorite and mostly missed phone calls will be the ones about nothing. Not about her illness, not about business, just about life.  The joys and tears of life. What an amazing example of life she was.  I know she's looking down and telling me to move on and move forward and I will but she will truly be missed, not today and not tomorrow but forever.

I love you Linda and thank you for the example and legacy you have left behind for me and thousands of people but mostly thank you for being my mentor, my friend, for being my mom. ;) 


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