Thursday, April 16, 2009

How many presentations did you do this week?

Hello Freedomseekers,

I'm sitting here in my car while Joshua is having baseball practice. It's cold and damp outside so what's more fun than being warm and blogging? hmmmmm

I can't wait to see many of you in Vegas next weekend. I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures and I don't know about you, but I personally need a shot in the arm. It's funny how life throws curves at you and even though I believe that everything happens for a reason I still find it at times difficult to stay focused and forge forward. Vegas will be awesome and is definitely just what I need, I have no doubt you need it to.

I was thinking the other night at about 1am (isn't that when we think best, the house is quiet, no one is screaming, the phone isn't ringing.......LOL you get the point) why is it that we as humans want everything yesterday (I hope you are all like that and I just didn't make a major confession) I admit that I have the personality of wanting everything yesterday. Most things come easy for me so I expect everything to come easy. REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!

I was contemplating why this business doesn't come easy. (This business is simple but it's certainly not easy). Yet don't we tend to make it the hardest thing in our life? hmmm I hope you realize how incredible of an opportunity this is, but also realize it's not just an opportunity, it's a life changing journey. It's an experience where you get to really see who you are. You get to change things in your life that you've struggled with for so long. You learn what's really important in your life and how bad you want it. You get to build relationships that never would have existed without this opportunity. You get to offer people solutions, happiness, hope! It can't get better than that. Yet, if we get all these perks why do we expect everything to happen NOW??????? All of these things are a process and take time so it's our job to get the most out of our experiences.

Just so you don't have any false expectations, let me make it clear that everything doesn't come NOW. (bummer) I've learned that when I'm frustrated all I usually have to do is look in the mirror. That's the person that needs to change. I find that when you're focused on your paycheck that it shows in your paycheck, it's not so good. When you focus on helping others you're paycheck shows it, it's big. Activity is the key, how many people can we go out and help??? I share this with you because I'm really excited about the 100 Presentations to Premier that's being heavily promoted by our awesome sponsors 500K Mike and Linda McCarthy.

If you aren't in the loop go to and get on the broadcast email list and in the process watch the 100 Presentations to Premier webinar and get on the email list for it as well. It's sooooo simple that we all should be slapped for not implementing it sooner in our daily activities. There's no magic, the magic is simply actively doing presentations on a consistent basis. I see people that complain about their organization but if they simply looked at their own activity they would see the reality of it. If they haven't signed anyone up in months why do they think anyone in their downline will? Unfortunately, duplication works both ways, your organization does what you do and they do what you don't do. OUCH!!!!

So, why am I excited about the 100 Presentations to Premier? Because it's the answer for all of us. For those that are already marking down each presentation you're doing, GREAT JOB!!! The chart enables you to keep track of your activity. You can mark down when you presented, to whom and the outcome. It helps you stay focused and accountable. If you're sheet is empty hmmmmmmm that would explain why your business isn't moving forward. If you're sheet is full you have more activity going on then you know what to do with. SWeeeeeT!!!! Can it get more simple than that????

I encourage you to participate in the 100 Presentations to Premier. If it takes you 2 years or 3 months to do the 100 presentations who cares, just get started! Don't just try it, do it! You start with 1 presentation at a time, take baby steps but get started today. If you want to know what is considered a presentation get to and watch the webinar.

It's time to take the challenge! Get lost in helping others! Watch the magic happen, and of course enjoy the journey! See you in Vegas Baby!!!!!!

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